Flick Pope

Endlessly inspired by the Peninsula's beautiful beaches, by flowering plants and exotic leafed trees, Flick Pope's works are in a constant state of design evolution. Each week a new design is sketched and comes to life on her work bench, commissioned designs and new pieces for Pomme in addition to her much loved everyday wear like the heart rings and postcard from the heart range.

Flick sources the the most abstract of semi-precious stones and pearls, the tiniest seed pearls and combines them with forged, sculpted charms, chain links and her trade mark T bar closure. Every charm, each component is hand cut, filed and soldered...the only sign of machinery is a polishing box, so each wearer of Designs by Flick can really revel in the uniqueness of their hand made jewel.

Find more Flick Pope creations in our online shop; drop us an email if you are after any of these pieces & we can arrange to have it posted to you or made available at Pomme for you to collect. Order time can vary from a couple of days to 6 weeks so try and leave yourself ample time!


The Pomme feature window at Christmas is a Flick Pope creation. The space is devoted to one off pieces... objects of folie, embracing all of the aspects Flick cherishes in her jewellery making. romance, whimsy, fine metals, precious stones and total freedom of creativity. These pieces can be ordered but you can rarely go wrong if you buy the ones you love at the time of viewing.