The glass collection at Pomme currently focuses on a handful of extremely talented and different glass blowers.

Sarah Dingwall, has a quirky. changing range of work, from seabed rings, all seeing necklaces, 'shroom pendants and tiny filled glass houses that hang in the window adding an element of magic to any décor.

Renee Marie is the talented maker behind a range of sturdy, beautifully coloured bowls and vases. Confetti bowls with snowflake patterned glass and delicate stem vases that are ideally suited to single succulents.

Leisa Wharington has been creating glass designs that know few boundaries from The Glass Studio at Merricks for the past 25 years. Dream about her romantic, gloriously indulgent chandeliers, find flowers for her unique range of hanging vases and revel in the colourful flower plates, tiny pouting jugs and three legged bowls.