Pomme tends to favour black but we've made exceptions with both Temono and Nancybird wallets but preferably when they include trims, fabric or stitching in contrasting colours.  Recent additions to our leather range are Bisonte and Duckfeet; so we can now offer leather jackets; leather totes and fine leather wallets as well as Danish leather, hard wearing, long lasting boots and sandals... The beauty of all of these stylish makers is that their leather designs are distinctly their own...no half hearted copies.

JUJU bags are based in Sydney and have a range of bags destined for the beach, for overnight stays and for grabbing on the run. The linen totes are made from a gorgeous grade of linen with hand-stitched detail and colours ranging from natural to smoky blue, piping hot cherry red and charcoal. The leather bags are simple, elegant and effortlessly functional, generally in grey and tan.

Nancybird incorporates hand dyed fabrics in cleverly proportioned bags, wallets and, more recently, shoes. Homegrown Melbourne girl Emily Wright has her finger on the pulse from the Bedford wallet of many card slots to the diminutive Festival bag and many others in-between. They are well priced, beautifully made and continue to improve with use and age.

Temono is another brilliant Melbourne based design team. The leather sourced is both cow and kangaroo and as each bag is handmade the guarantee is that no two pieces will ever be the same. The signature stitching in contrasting colours make Te bags a beautiful throw back to vintage Boho at its best. They soften, crinkle and simply look better and better with use, and make choosing replacements when the time comes an absolute delight. The range includes coin purses, zippered pouches, men's wallets as well as strikingly different bags and market shoppers.

Uashmama a fun stylish very clever design crew based in Italy. These bags and wallets are made from treated paper but you would never guess it from the feel of the fabric. A range of affordable funky shapes from travel bags to computer satchels and neat backpacks.