New Year bounty....

We made it! and another year beckons... Pomme will continue to support and show with pride the best of Australian home grown design, aswell as clothing labels from the sunny shores of Portugal and the cobble streets of Paris. The image that best sums up the Xmas frenzy is this divine one of Billie who remains our favourite & best dressed shopper;  maintaining good humour in the face of absolute mayhem in the shop on the day she visited (with her equally good natured dad!)

Botanical impressions range back in force...

Anjila Singh has moved her studio to the lush hills of northern NSW & this has given her gorgeous Botanical Impressions range a new lease of creative life. Her rings work brilliantly for both guys and girls alike. Bangles, necklaces and earrings with subtle imprints and finely irregular shapes sit harmoniously together; it's an organic, Boho look that works beautifully.

Let's get serious...

Ok we are set...the pointy end of the year is upon us and with it come the serious jewels; the large sculptural pieces and the beautiful finery you can allow yourself for festivities and gifting. We try and stock up, but as always multiples do not feature heavily, so from here on if you spot something you have to have you are advised to swoop on it as it most likely will not be here next time around......happy hunting serious shoppers!

Light up....

We don't often get the chance to showcase Leisa Wharington's magnificent chandeliers so we are rejoicing in the spring light gracing the front window with a palette of pinks, whites and purples. The light is made up of 30 + organic glass petals - each one measuring around 14 x 14 x 10 cm. with the overall dimensions 74 x 74 x 40 cm. Suspended from an extendable chain it is an extraordinarily beautiful piece of sculpture that just happens to shed light too!

a study in nature....

Neil Williams series of Cow etchings are quiet observations; restrained, striking works that will have you coming back for more.....small editions of just 30...& they get snapped up pretty fast.

CASHMERE all the way....

Acquiring a feel for cashmere can be a costly business, but if you invest in one or two really high grade cashmere garments you will have them forever.... Surrounding yourself in a White & Warren travel wrap is about as luxurious a winter comfort as you will ever have...or grab a bobble bedecked triangle scarf ....

Happy feet!

We are jumping for joy at Pomme HQ with the arrival of "duck feet" shoes & boots. These are exceptionally well made Danish footwear for people who need sturdy, stompy, colourful, stylish every day foot gear and later in the year divinely simple sandals. We will try and keep as large a range as possible in store, but shout out if we don't have your size or colour and the team at The Country of Bourke will run a pair down to us.


BOY are we lucky to have Luna in our midst; a true blue, Melbourne, home grown business that celebrates the fine fine merino wool we produce here in Australia and spins it into the best knits you will ever have. Chunky crops with ribbed sleeves, double moss scarves, long boyfriend Mohair and dramatic two tone capes....there is no going back once you have worn this range of soft, fine, beautifully styled knitwear.

Portuguese colour abounds

Completely out of the blue we have become extremely taken with designs from the sunny shores of Portugal. Firstly with Teresa Martins unbelievably gorgeous, colourful, intricate pieces of clothing and more recently with a selection of tribal, hand thrown pots and jugs by Anna Westerlund a Swedish potter who has made Portugal her home. We are happy in the knowledge that these two artists will bring continuous warmth to our shop even as winter beckons! 

Cool shades of ceramic art

Anne Black is a wonderful exponent of restrained, cool Scandinavian design. Her ceramic works are sculptural, functional and covetable. They come in a range of soft greens, greys and blues and are never brought back as gifts that don't please!

Easter wardrobe re-shuffle

Easter is generally the crossover time for wardrobes down's time to pack away the cotton  and crack out the fleeces, the lambswool, the cashmere and anything that can be taken off and wrapped around in double quick time four to six times a day....we are happy to oblige with this daily adventure of weather variables at Pomme; come and check out Luna knits in all Australian wools; the ™  cotton blend that feels like light weight wool and the deluxe White & Warren & Charli cashmere. Add to that Nancybird suede shoes or funky leather boots and you are en route to a seamless wardrobe for a/w ''re welcome!

Autumn fare

We might be enjoying a flush of late summer heat, but there is no holding back the tide of Autumn goodies that arrives throughout March and April. We have a bounty of Nancybird bags, boots and pouches to suit nearly every eventuality. We have French knits; deluxe cashmere wraps and Sophie Digard scarves to swoon over. So come get yourself kitted out for the cooler, autumnal daze we are about to enjoy!

Sophie Digard elephant brooch
Sophie Digard floral weave scarf

Keeping the sea close at all times...

Three of Mornington's most original designers have combined to create the current window installation at Pomme until mid march. Illustrations by Emma Morgan and Objects & jewels by Sarah Dingwall and Kate Macindoe will keep your attention glued to the two front windows at Pomme until autumn is with us.

 The glass and silver jewellery & objects draw much inspiration from the coastal stretch between Mornington and the Prom. Speckled feathers, urchin shells, collections of sand and a myriad of sea blues to keep you happy on land when where you want to be is on the beach! 

Wishing & hoping

Pomme WISH LIST: instructions as follows: select more than one less than 10 objects of desire; tell us; we will store info under your name; inform beloved all has been sorted at Pomme; beloved can chose from selection with ease and minimum stress and confusion; exit relieved partner; rejoicing wife; Happy Christmas from Pomme!

Lighter, airier new old Pomme

Thanks to many hands the job of moving hundreds of small objects was made light and less than 5 days after closing at 59 we were up and running at 27. Having space to do justice to these gorgeous works is simply AWESOME - please come and fossick soon!

Pomme on the 27 MAIN STREET Mornington

Call us nuts but Pomme is on the move again...just a few short metres down the road towards the sea to No 27 Main Street, Mornington. We love our current shop but have noticed that it can be a bit of a squeeze, so its time for some more floor space and when this lovely older style double fronted shop came up we could not resist!

The move is scheduled for the last few days in September so we can be up and running by the 1 October - we look forward to spreading our wings; spreading our jewels &clothes & objects of desire all around the lovely interior of 27 - be sure to spread the word and come and visit us soon.

A bientôt  the Pomme crew.....sue lisa sophie & liv

Guy Mirabella at Pomme

Sometimes those random ideas deliver the best surprises and Guy's installation is no exception. His journey to the Peninsula many years ago is embodied in the eclectic mix of made, found and much loved objects installed at Pomme until the end of September. Individual paintings and collages can be found throughout the store. 

Window of roses...

Holly R has beaded up a storm to create a stunning array of single, double and triple neckpieces. Each piece has a unique, delicately painted base charm which can be worn on both sides. There is only ever one of each work so come and pluck your perfect beaded jewel before someone beats you to it!

Lee Mathews has your back...

Ok we made it just a few short weeks til winter is officially over and we have the first flurry of sensational spring wear in store. You know how we like to keep you all looking unique so don't be surprised if your fave piece goes v v quickly....see you Pronto!